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Its flowering power and versatile use makes Phlox a wonderful garden plant!

Phlox (phlox) is an exuberant flowering plant and is available from us in many colours. You can plant phlox anywhere in the garden. It does well in the sun, but also in light shade. Our plants are carefully packed and delivered at low delivery costs.
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Phlox seed planting instructions

Rich, loose, well-drained soil

Phlox seed can either be planted directly in a flower bed or sown indoors and planted out later. Plant your Phlox seed in rich, loose, well-drained soil. If necessary, you can add peat moss or perlite to improve drainage. Add a general fertiliser to the soil where the Phlox seeds are planted and then repeat this every month.

Water generously

After planting your Phlox seeds, water the soil generously. Once your Phlox is growing, keep the soil moist to slightly dry. During dry periods, water once or twice a week.

Full sun

Phlox prefers full sun, but also tolerates light shade.
Too much shade will result in a tall but skinny plant. Phlox will benefit when grown in a well-ventilated location, as this will help against mildew. If necessary, treat the plant with a fungicide. Keep the space around the Phlox about 20 to 25cm clear.

Phlox care instructions

Remove spent flowers to encourage new blooms and extend the flowering period. Capping will also improve the appearance of your Phlox. In late autumn, Phlox should be able to survive a few light night frosts, but the foliage will quickly wilt and disappear. When this happens, cut the stems down to 5cm from the ground. Your Phlox will then re-emerge in spring.
Hardy Phlox will spread and develop into large bunches over time. These bunches can be divided by cutting them in half with a sharp shovel. The resulting pieces can then be replanted elsewhere in the garden, or handed out to friends. You can divide the plant in autumn, every 3 or 4 years.

Our Phlox seed, like all our other products, comes with detailed planting instructions.

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