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Requires little care and is also very suitable for planting indoors in a pot.

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Planting hyacinth bulbs - instructions

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Hyacinth specification

Height: 20cm
Distance: 8cm
Planting time: June-August
Flowering time: April-May

Hyacinth bulbsHyacinth bulbs planting - instructions

Well-drained soil

Hyacinth bulbs should be planted in well-drained soil. If puddles remain 5-6 hours after a hard rain, find another spot. An alternative is to improve the soil structure by adding organic material. This will raise the soil several centimetres, improving drainage. Peat moss, compost, or composted manure do the trick and are available everywhere.

Planting hyacinth bulbs with the point upwards

Planting hyacinth bulbs is done by digging a hole and placing the bulb 18 to 20cm deep and 15cm apart. Hyacinth bulbs are round, larger than a golf ball and have paper-like sheets. Plant them with the pointed ends facing up.
Water the bulbs well after planting, soaking the entire flowerbed. Roots and outgrowth will appear in autumn, growth will continue in winter and the plant will form fragrant flowers in spring.

Where should I plant my hyacinth bulbs?

Planting your hyacinth bulbs should be done in a place where they receive continuous sun throughout the day.

Hyacinth care instructions

Cut fragrant flowers for an indoor bouquet

When the Hyacinth is in bloom, you can cut the flowers for small bouquets. This will not harm the plant and to be able to bring fragrant flowers indoors is one of the best reasons to grow Hyacinths.

Leave unsightly foliage on

Water Hyacinths during dry periods in autumn. After the plants have finished flowering in spring, cut off the flower stems but let the foliage wither naturally. The leaves continue to collect sunlight and absorb nutrients for next year's flowering.

Annual or perennial?

An annual application of compost should provide sufficient nutrients for your hyacinths. Flower size can decrease in subsequent years, so some gardeners treat hyacinths as annuals and plant new bulbs every autumn.

Our Hyacinth bulbs, like all our other products, come with detailed planting instructions


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