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Give birds a home in your garden too!

With one or more nesting boxes in your garden, you will attract the most beautiful birds into your garden. In our collection you will find special nesting boxes and bird houses for robins, sparrows, great tits and other garden birds.
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Buying birdhouses or nesting boxes?

A nest box in the backyard?

Do you also enjoy following the birds in the garden? Especially in spring, it is great fun to study the garden birds. The birds then fly off and on and are particularly busy building their nests first using twigs, straw and fluff. Generally, birds build their nests in trees, but if there is a nesting box in your garden, it is of course a very attractive offer. After all, nothing offers such a safe and sheltered place as a nest box. Once father and mother bird have decided to move into your birdhouse, you can enjoy a beautiful scene that takes place just outside your front or back garden. After all, when the young hatch, you will see both father and mother busy with small insects and other food for their young. They will do nothing else but search for food and bring food. Just until the young are fully grown and they start to leave the nest.

Nesting boxes for every bird species

There are hundreds of different bird species and each species has its own habits and preferences when it comes to a bird box. That's why you will also find various types of nesting boxes in our webshop that are specially made for certain bird species. Our bird houses are mainly aimed at the birds that are most common in the Netherlands. And these include the sparrow, the robin, the great tit, the blue tit, the wren, the swallow, the starling and the woodpecker. Sparrow houses, for instance, feature multiple dwellings in one building, this because sparrows like to sit together. Swallows again have completely different nests. They make nests of clay substance against the wall. Often just under the eaves, so they are still somewhat sheltered. The wren and the great tit prefer to sit in an ordinary bird house as everyone knows them.

Combine a nest box with a bird feeder?

Do you want to enjoy garden birds using your bird house as a nesting box in spring and use the same house as a feeder in winter to provide food for the birds? Then purchase a multi hole from Wildlife Garden. These are highly decorative birdhouses with multi functional uses. In summer, these cottages can indeed be used as nesting boxes and in winter, by making a few simple adjustments, you easily convert the box into a bird feeder . This bird feeder includes a decent bird feeder silo that you can fill with bird food. An ideal solution for the true bird lover! To pamper the birds in your garden even more, you might want to add a bird bath or a peanut butter jar with bird peanut butter. This way, you can enjoy yourself to the full and the garden birds will come back regularly.

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