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Grass seed ideally suited to the lawn that is largely in the shade!

The name says it all: Shadow Grass is the perfect mixture for sowing in shady areas. When composing this mixture, several varieties were deliberately chosen that function well in low (sun) light conditions.
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Buy Grass Seed For Shade Grass?

Standard lawn grass needs plenty of sunlight to grow well and maintain a dense sod. However, almost every garden has a patch where there is a little less sunlight. For example, in places where the grass is short along fences, or in a shady spot under a tree. These are often the places where grass grows difficult, resulting in moss proliferating among the grass. In the long run, bare spots can even appear in the lawn. A real shame, of course, especially when you invest a lot of time, energy and money in maintaining your lawn. So, is your garden in the shade? Then sow shade grass!

What is Shadow Grass?

The name says it all: shade grass is grass seed that can be sown in gardens that are (mostly) in the shade. Shaded areas are common in (Dutch) gardens. Shadow mixtures are selected for different grass varieties that can grow undisturbed in low (sun) light conditions. Not only do shade grasses grow well in the shade, they also perform excellently in the sun!

A shade lawn can take a beating; it can withstand regular treading. The grass is therefore also suitable for families with (young) children. There are usually three high-quality grass varieties in the mixture: red fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and sallow grass. This combination of varieties forms a dense sward with above-average ornamental value.

How should you maintain shade grass?

Shadow grass seeds form a lawn that requires less maintenance than a play lawn. Whereas you do need to mow playgrass twice in late spring and summer, you usually only need to mow shade grass once every three weeks. While mowing, be careful not to cut the shade grass shorter than five centimetres. If you cut it shorter, the lawn will dry out faster. Moreover, the lawn stays fuller when you cut the grass slightly less short.

Fertilise shade grass

As mentioned above, shade grass seeds produce a relatively low-maintenance lawn. Spreading a fertiliser twice a year; in spring and autumn, is sufficient. Preferably spread an organic fertiliser like Ecostyle Lawn A-Z. This fertiliser provides a long-lasting, controlled flow of nutrition. In addition, this fertiliser has a unique mix of trace elements. This addition activates soil life. Moss and weeds are therefore even less likely to grow.

Make sure that your shade lawn is sufficiently watered during long periods of drought. Use about twenty litres of water per square metre. Water the shade lawn with a garden sprinkler Do this early in the morning or later in the day at sunset to prevent possible burning.

How much sun does shade grass need?

A lawn needs at least four hours of (sunlight) every day to stay beautiful and healthy. In principle, shade grass does not need sunlight to grow. Places in deep shade, or in other words, places that are not in the sun at any time of day, are best sown in or overseeded with shade grass. Always use a shade mixture if your garden or lawn is in sunlight for less than four hours a day.

How to sow shade grass seed?

Work the soil before you start sowing. Remove roots, weeds, stones and other unwanted materials from the soil and then turn the soil thoroughly. Sow the grass both horizontally and vertically over the area to be cultivated. Preferably do this with a hand spreader or spreader truck to ensure an even spread of the grass seed.

When to sow Shadow Grass?

It is recommended to sow Shadow Grass during the period April to May or August to September. Do you only want to restore some bare spots in an existing lawn? Then this is possible as early as April. If you plan to lay a whole new lawn, it is best to do this during September. Keep in mind that shade grass seed germinates best at a soil temperature of 10°C and above.

Buy Shadow Grass seed at Garden Select

Garden Select has a wide range of shade grass seeds of various top brands such as Barenbrug, Pokon and Ten Have Seeds. Order cheap shade grass from the online grass specialist! Still not quite sure which type of grass seed to buy for your lawn? You can best reach us via chat and email [email protected] for all your questions.

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