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A specially developed grass for mowing and grazing.

Because there are so many grass species and grass varieties, composing meadow mixtures is a specialist job that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. We have listed the most suitable meadow mixtures for you at the most competitive prices.
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The grass for a meadow must meet specific requirements. Especially when animals are grazing on it, it is important to have a dense turf that can take a beating. For the specific situations involved in managing a meadow, we have special grass in our range: meadow grass.


Grass seed for your meadow

If you have a meadow with cows or horses, for example, you will surely agree that good grass is very important. A grass mixture with the right grass species contributes to the well-being of the animal. Even if you want to use your grassland for specific purposes, such as for grazing, it is important to have healthy grass. Here, it is important that you use the right grass seed.


What types of seeds for your meadow are there?

We have various meadow grass seeds in our range, each meeting specific requirements for meadows. For example, we have mixtures aimed at grass production. These are grass mixtures consisting of fast-growing grasses. Do you need pasture grass for grazing? Then you are better off with a balanced mixture. This grass is fast-growing, so cows can graze on it continuously. In addition, this mixture also contains Timothy grass. This grass produces a very tasty pasture with an excellent structure. We also have Barenbrug's so-called BG3 Superplus mixture. This is the mixture to sow when you plan to use your meadow for both grazing and mowing.


Grass seed for horse meadow

Garden Select is also the right place for grass seed for horse meadows. Our grass seeds can withstand the challenging requirements of a horse meadow. Horse meadow grass has a high treading-tolerance. Does the grass still get trampled by trotting or galloping? No worries, the grass seed recovers itself in a short period of time. However, it is important to fertilise the grass annually with meadow manure. Our grass seed for horse meadows creates a tasty meadow that can withstand short grazing.


It is common for horses to be sensitive to nutrient-rich grasses. Overweight horses can lead to laminitis and/or eczema. To reduce this danger, you can choose to sow pasture grass with a low fructan content. The name gives it away a bit: this grass seed has few added sugars.


Meadow grass

Good pasture grass is invaluable. For aesthetic reasons, but also for the physical condition of the animals that graze on it. A dense turf with nutritious grass is desirable for the well-being of the livestock. The composition of the grass varieties used and their quality are the decisive factors here. Study the composition or find out in advance which grass best suits the pasture you have in mind.


Single grasses

You can also choose to sow single grasses in your meadow. For example, you can sow 100% Timothy grass through an existing meadow. Or perhaps you would like to create your own composition by mixing single grasses. That is, of course, also a possibility! Single grasses, such as Italian ryegrass for example, are often sown as green manure.


Clovers & Herb Mixes

The clovers and herb mixes category includes products that you can sow in pastures. Clovers are often sown in grasslands with the aim of providing natural nutrition to the grass. Herb mixes can be oversown in existing (horse) pastures. A herb mix is a mix of herbs that have a beneficial effect on the health of horses. The added herbs increase resistance and thus directly reduce the risk of disease. With a herb mix, you turn your meadow into a varied and tasty field.


Grassland rich in herbs

Do you have a plot and want to enrich it with useful herbs and leguminous plants? By creating a grassland rich in herbs, you create a grassland that contributes to strengthening (agro)biodiversity. A grassland rich in herbs attracts many beneficial insects and birds. A meadow that consists of leguminous plants and herbs in addition to grass is drought-tolerant and self-sufficient. Certain herbs have the ability to store nitrogen in the soil. As a result, you won't have to spread fertiliser as often.


Sowing grass seed for your meadow

Our grass seed meets all the requirements a meadow should meet. Our grass mixtures form a dense turf that can be walked on intensively. The grasses have a high nutritional value and provide a high yield, as they are well liked by cattle. The grass is also suitable for repeated mowing. For establishing or restoring a meadow, you have come to the right place.


When should you sow grass seed for your meadow?

You can sow grass at a minimum soil temperature of 8 °C. The best time to sow or overseed a meadow is in spring or autumn. The temperature combined with humidity provides ideal sowing conditions. To ensure that the seeds germinate as quickly as possible, it is advisable to sow the grass seeds just before a rainstorm; preferably in a seed bed.


How do you maintain your meadow?

You can maintain your meadow by spreading fertiliser and using pesticides. Fertiliser ensures a growth spurt for the grass, so you maintain a dense turf and the animals can continue grazing peacefully. It is best to spread fertiliser two months after sowing. The same goes for eliminating weeds. This too is best done as soon as possible after sowing to prevent unwanted vegetation from taking a prominent place among the newly sown grass. Once the newly sown grass is about 7 centimetres high, you can start taking action by carrying out maintenance. It is recommended to fertilise the meadow annually.


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Looking for grass seed for your meadow? Good grass seed forms the basis of a healthy meadow. Therefore, choose a quality mixture from Garden Select. Our grass seed meets the requirements of the NAK (Dutch General Inspection Service). The grass varieties we use are all on the Dutch variety list. So we can guarantee the highest quality at a reasonable price.

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