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Grass seed for every type of lawn!

It is a lovely fresh sight, such a green sheet. A turf that looks good does require some care and attention. For every type of garden, Garden Select has quality grass seed for a new lawn or for restoring your lawn.
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Want to buy grass seed?

Order grass seed at Garden Select! Are you looking for grass seed to plant a new lawn? Or just for repairing bare spots in an existing lawn? Then you have come to the right place. Our grass mixtures are highly regarded on the Grass Guide List and are NAK-approved, so you are always assured of the highest quality grass seed! And above all: thanks to our specialist knowledge, we are always at our customers' beck and call by providing tailor-made advice. For example, by asking a question on our chat, where we can speak to you regularly, but of course you can also just contact us by e-mail. No long response times or menus, just direct personal contact.

What should you pay attention to when buying grass seed?

A bag of grass seed usually consists of a composition of different grass varieties. Each variety has its unique properties. For example, there are fast-germinating grass seeds available that can withstand regular treading. We also have so-called ornamental grass mixtures. With this fine-leaved grass, you lose a little when it comes to walkability, but it does have excellent ornamental value. In short, there are many types of grass seed; suitable for various applications. So, are you planning to buy grass seed? Then check carefully beforehand which grass mixture best suits your needs!

When to sow grass?

When the chance of night frost has passed for good and the soil temperature is at least 10 degrees, you can in principle start sowing grass seed. Grass sowing can be done in spring and autumn, depending on weather conditions. For establishing a new lawn, we recommend sowing in autumn. The temperature of the soil is then usually slightly higher than in early spring and the weather conditions are then usually optimal for sowing. After all, the maxim is: keep a close eye on the weather forecast before sowing grass!

How to sow grass?

Sowing grass on your own? You don't necessarily need green fingers! You can sow grass all by yourself using the following 3-step plan:

Work the soil by clearing it of weeds, moss and other deficiencies. Rake the soil loose and make sure it is even.
Sow the grass according to the recommended seeding density in two intersecting directions (vertical and horizontal). Sowing can be done by hand, but to make sure that the grass seeds are evenly spread over the area to be worked, it is better to do it with a hand spreader or a spreader truck.
After sowing, lightly rake the grass seeds into the soil to ensure the seeds make contact with the soil. Make sure you keep the soil slightly moist until the seeds have germinated by watering it
Types of grass seeds

Grass seed is often seen as a homogeneous product, yet there are definitely differences between the grass mixtures you can order from us. Which type of grass seed is best to sow depends entirely on the uses of your lawn. We sell grass seed for all purposes you can think of. Besides grass seed for laying lawns around the house, you have also come to the right place for grass for sports fields and other recreational uses. This grass seed not only enhances your sports performance, but also the well-being of your turf; all year round!

We also sell grass seed for public areas. Think of large patches of land around parks, business parks and car parks, as well as dykes, embankments and roadside grass. Finally, we also sell grass seed for pastures. Not only for livestock, but also grass seed for horse pastures.

Storing grass seed

Did you happen to have some grass seed left over from the last sowing season? No problem: if stored dark and dry, you can 'just' reuse grass seed a year later! Unopened bags of grass seed retain their germination capacity for 2 years. It is certainly not an unnecessary luxury to have a stock of grass seed. For possible repair of damages and filling bare spots.

Buy grass seed at Garden Select

Buy grass seed cheaply from the online grass specialist Garden Select. Besides grass seed, you can also come to us for loose flower seeds and flower mixtures. In addition, we offer a total solution for fertilising the entire garden. Lawn fertiliser of course, but also fertiliser for ornamental and kitchen gardens. And to make garden chores just that little bit more pleasant, we also sell useful garden maintenance supplies. Think of pesticides, watering articles and numerous garden tools.

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