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An indispensable tool for planting bulbs and plants!

Just think of it... A real soil drilling specialist came up with the bright idea of drilling nice little holes with a Auger Spiral Drill that fits on a (battery) drill (3/8" bit). Ideal for planting tubers, bulbs or plants!
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Buy bulb drill and plant auger?

Drilling holes

Drilling a deep hole in the ground is easy with a soil drill for stakes, also known as a stake drill. This auger has wide handles that allow you to use good force to turn the auger around. This garden tool is indispensable when installing a fence. Fence posts need to go deep into the ground: about a third, if the result is to be sturdy. But also when you are going to place a support post near a young tree or, for example, drill holes in the lawn (to fill with gravel so that water can drain away properly), you need to drill a deep hole and the post drill is an ideal tool.

With the soil drills from Garden Select, you can drill holes with a diameter of 7, 5, 10 and 13 centimetres. For light soil types, you can buy a hand-operated soil auger made of galvanised steel.

Planting bulbs or potatoes

Planting flower bulbs or potatoes is easy with a bulb planter or long bulb spear. A bulb planter is a hand tool with a plastic handle that can be pressed. First you push the planter into the soil, then pull up the planter with the soil in it, put the bulb in place and then press the handle - the soil falls out of the planter back into the hole. This way, there is no need to use a shovel.

Advantages of a bulb or planter drill

- You get perfect holes

- You determine the depth yourself

- It saves your back

- No more bent shovels

- Quickly plant bulbs in the grass too

- But also for drainage holes that you fill with gravel

The drills themselves are of very high quality, you can choose from the following sizes:

ø 30 mm and 45 cm long
ø 45 mm and 73 cm long
ø 70 mm and 60 cm long
ø 100 mm and 63 cm long
ø 130 mm and 63 cm long

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