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Removing green deposits is very easy, check out the options here and get advice.

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What is green manure?

Green scale, what exactly is it? It is a collective term for a large group of organisms that slick and attack tiles and woodwork. It consists mainly of algae and mosses that like to grow in places where it stays damp for a long time and where there is little sunlight. For this reason, many green deposits form mainly in autumn and winter.

Often, there is no point in doing anything about it then, as it will remain wet and dark for the time being anyway. In spring, green deposits are really noticeable because you spend more and longer in the garden. Then it can really be an eyesore and it is high time to do something about it.

How do green deposits develop?

Green deposits are the result of a good mix of conditions. The ideal source of green deposits is organic dirt. Think sand, soil, pollen. Wind, your shoes and animals cause these to end up on stones, wood or other materials. Then add moisture and little sunlight and you have the perfect recipe for green deposits.

The longer the moss and algae have time to develop, the thicker the layer of green deposits and the smoother the mess becomes. This is because some algae excrete certain slime that causes slipperiness. This can make it really slippery and therefore dangerous.

It is therefore important to tackle green deposits. Shady terraces in particular are prone to green bloom, but decking and greenhouses can also turn green.

Where do you encounter green deposits?

Green deposits can pop up in various places in the garden. These are the most common spots:

Garden sheds
Wooden decks
Garage doors
Plant pots

Removing green deposits?

Bummer. Are you suffering from green deposits in your garden? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get rid of it. Do this mainly in spring, when it is less likely to return any time soon and you will enjoy it the most. There are several ways to remove green deposits:

There are special remedies against green deposits available in our webshop. Like our Luxan Terrace Cleaner , it effectively cleans the surface of all dirt and deposits and makes your stone, wood and glass surfaces look like new again. You can also come to us for a biological agent, you will find this under the name Biomix ATM, a very good product with an extremely effective action on various materials.
Especially in spring and summer, it is a familiar scene. High-pressure sprayer at the ready and clean the place thoroughly. It is quite a nice job that leaves you satisfied when you see the result. Yet it also has its drawbacks. The pressure washer can damage porous tiles and nearby plants.
A home-garden and kitchen remedy to remove green deposits is with chlorine or cleaning vinegar. These agents are not good for nature at all and are harmful to plants, animals and soil life. So don't do it.
How do you prevent green deposits?

Green deposits are unfortunately difficult to prevent. Want to reduce green deposits? Then you would have to change conditions to allow more light to reach the places where you now find green deposits. Even then, in dark and wet times, you run the risk of developing green deposits. There are some things you can do to reduce it.

Make sure water can drain away properly, so algae and moss are less likely to accumulate. Put garden furniture indoors in autumn or cover it with special covers. This ensures that green deposits will not take on a life of their own. Sweep the stones regularly with a hard broom - algae doesn't like that either. And the rest? Oh well, it is part and parcel of life in the Netherlands.

Garden Select has put together a selection for you for removing green deposits (algae) on various materials. Simply order algaecide online at an affordable price and get your order delivered quickly so you can get back to work.

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