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By applying the right pesticides, you can rid your garden of irregularities like moss, weeds, fungi and diseases. Garden Select has a suitable pesticide for every ailment!
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Buying Pesticides?

Do you suffer from recurring, rampant weeds in your lawn? Or perhaps pest insects are wreaking havoc by attacking the leaves of your border plants? By applying the right pesticides, you can rid your garden of rash like moss, weeds, fungi and diseases.

Using pesticides

A beautiful garden with a radiant lawn and abundantly flowering plants. Sometimes things go for the better, but unfortunately having a healthy garden is not a given. It needs regular maintenance to keep the garden in a good condition. Even if you do everything you can to maintain the garden as well as possible, it can still happen that weeds, moss and other ailments rear their heads. It may be a small thing you can tackle by hand, but some stubborn weeds can proliferate quickly. In this case, pesticides come in handy.

Types of pesticides for your garden

There are several types of pesticides available. So many that it would be too much to list them all. In general, we distinguish between liquid pesticides and granular pesticides. Most common are liquid pesticides. These can be applied using a pressure sprayer, often by mixing the active ingredient with water. Liquid pesticides can be applied simply, precisely and, above all, effectively to the ailment to be controlled.

Slightly less known are pesticides in granular form. A good example is moss & weeds gone! from the Pokon brand. This is a lawn fertiliser with direct action against common weeds such as daisies, clovers and plantain. This pesticide also has an indirect effect against moss thanks to the added iron sulphate.

Weeds in the lawn

Sooner or later we all have to deal with them. Airborne weed seeds can blow over onto the lawn. Weeds also grow quickly in shady, damp areas. However, weeds in the lawn usually arise following a lack of maintenance and care. Think of a lack of nutrition in the soil. Or because the lawn is mowed too little; or, on the contrary, cut too short. Although some weeds are a sight to behold, most of the time you would rather get rid of them in your lawn. A pesticide ensures that the weeds die off and do not return. Weed control can be administered over the lawn without affecting the grass.

Moss and weeds

Do you suffer from both moss and weeds? The growth of moss between the grass is a common problem. In the long run, moss suffocates the lawn, causing it to turn yellow and even die. Moss grows quickly on acidic soils. Soils naturally acidify. If you do not maintain your lawn properly by spreading lime every year, the soil becomes increasingly acidic. Moss then has a chance to rear its head. Do you have a garden that is mostly shaded? Shady spots combined with wetness/shakiness are vulnerable spots in the garden that moss is only too happy to exploit. Moss growth can be prevented by sowing shade grass in shaded areas and by maintaining the lawn by spreading lawn lime. Is moss already growing in your lawn? Then you can remove it with pesticides. The most commonly used and also most effective means of combating moss is spreading ferrous sulphate.

Fungi and diseases

Grass is susceptible to fungi and diseases. The rapidly changing, extreme weather conditions put a lot of stress on grass plants. Continuous periods of various stressors (extreme drought, downpours) worsen resistance and disrupt the growing conditions of the grass plant. When you have disease-resistant grass seed and carry out regular lawn maintenance, your lawn is much better able to fight off nasty grass diseases and fungi. It is always possible that fungal diseases such as redthread and street grass will still crop up. Finally, there are a lot of factors involved in maintaining a vital turf. No matter what ailment your lawn has; Garden Select has a suitable pesticide to combat it.


The textbook example of natural control: using nematodes Nematodes are the natural enemies of many pests such as grubs, leatherjackets and ants. Nematodes can be mixed with water and sprayed over the area to be controlled. The nematodes will fight the pests directly by entering the insects' bodies and then infecting them with their intestinal flora. Curious about the exact functioning and application of nematodes? Then also read our blog: 'Pest insect problems? Fight them with nematodes!'

Are pesticides dangerous to use?

Sustainability is a high priority for us. We want to offer high-quality pesticides, on the basis that nature and biodiversity are affected as little as possible. Where possible, we always prefer natural pesticides. In some cases, such as when controlling stubborn weeds, you cannot avoid using a somewhat stronger agent. These agents are not always ecologically sound; but this also means that, unfortunately, there is no organic alternative available. The pesticides we carry in our range are not dangerous. We keep a close eye on the guidelines and updates of the CTGB (Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products) and anticipate these, so that you as a customer can always work responsibly and safely in the garden with high-quality pesticides.

Alternatives to pesticides

When you are dealing with a lawn problem, the obvious solution is to fight it with a pesticide. There are also products you can use as alternatives to combat moss and weeds, among others. For instance, you can use ground covers like coconut chips. These decorative shreds retain moisture longer, making the soil less likely to dry out. This allows the root system to continue to develop undisturbed, so weeds don't get the chance to grow as quickly. You can also sow green manure to outsmart weeds. Green manure crops provide a smooth, good soil cover, so weeds have no room to grow. Something in the guise of: better prevention than cure.

Buy pesticides at Garden Select

Looking for an effective pesticide? Then you have come to the right place at Garden Select. Of course you can buy pesticides at the online garden centre. We will gladly help you on your way with the maintenance of your lawn and garden. Do you have a question about a pesticide or are you not sure which one you need? Feel free to contact us!

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