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Keep your hedge, flowers, plants and trees looking tip-top with the help of good pruning tools. Go for good pruning shears and loppers. For big jobs, it is wise to opt for power tools.
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Buying secateurs and loppers?

To prune or cut flowers or bushes, you use secateurs or loppers. Depending on the thickness of the branches and the type of branches you are going to cut, you choose the right tool. Good pruning starts with good tools. And good tools are tools that fit the job to be done.

Branches vary in thickness from 6 mm, as in flowers, to 18 cm. Understandably, small hand pruning shears are not suitable for cutting hard and thick branches. In that case, rather choose a branch saw.


First of all, pruning shears and loppers have visible differences. For instance, loppers have longer handles. These shears are suitable for thicker branches, up to 32 mm in diameter. Cutting sturdy and thicker branches requires more strength. Thanks to the long, sturdy handles, you can apply more force and pruning is much easier.

Pruning shears, also known as garden shears, on the other hand, are used for thinner branches, up to 18 mm. Thanks to the parrot jaws that most secateurs have, branches are cut on two sides. This makes the secateurs suitable for young, green branches. These secateurs are also called bypass secateurs.

In the other variant, the anvil pruning shears, there is only one cutting blade. These secateurs are more powerful, but also less suitable for live branches. Rather, use these for dead wood.


Also available in our range are electric secateurs. Electric secateurs are battery-powered and make work even easier. By pressing a button, the mouth of the shears closes and the desired branch is cut. In addition, with electric secateurs it is often possible to adjust the mouth size to suit the branches to be cut.

Do you need advice on finding the right secateurs or loppers? Feel free to contact our customer service.

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