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Bring even more flavour to your garden!

Want more vitamin C in your garden? You can with Garden Select's fruit seeds. Whether you want to plant melon seeds, strawberry seeds or other fruit seeds; you will find them here. There is something tasty for everyone here.
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Buy Fruit Seeds Online?

Why buy fruit seeds?

Eating fruit is good for you! It is full of vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy. By planting it in your own garden, you always have it at your disposal. You'll reap the benefits of that!

Planting your own fruit seeds is also much more sustainable than buying them. Just look at how many kilometres a piece of fruit travels before it reaches the supermarket. After you grow your own fruit, it only takes a few steps. Not convinced yet? Read more reasons why you should consider fruit seeds below.

Beautiful addition to your garden
Easy to grow
Not dependent on the supermarket
Pure nature! Without chemical pesticides
You stay nice and active
What is covered by fruits in the vegetable garden?

Fruits in the kitchen garden, doesn't that sound a bit weird? Most fruits we grow in the vegetable garden are actually false fruits. Mock fruits are strawberries, for example; they look like fruits but are actually just fruit. Besides strawberries, you can sow many other fruits like melon, pineapple cherry or cucumber. These are all crops that bear fruit and thus fall under the category of fruits.

Can you sow fruit?

Yes you can! You can just sow fruits. The seeds of fruits are often different from the seeds of small crops such as lettuce, kale or beetroot. This is because the seeds of fruits often work better, faster and the plants grow much bigger. From 1 seed of a cucumber plant, which is the size of over a square metre, you can get dozens of cucumbers. So keep a close eye on the seedlings, because if one dies, you only have a few left.

Protect your fruit seeds during growth

Are you going to plant fruit seeds? Be prepared for predators lurking to eat your fruit. Are you going to buy strawberry seeds? As soon as fruits appear on the plant, it is wise to put a bird net over the plant. That way birds can't get to it. Another option is to place netting. In that case, make sure the netting has a good density so birds cannot get trapped in it.

Getting the best out of your fruit seeds

You naturally want your fruit seeds to grow into the tastiest pieces of fruit. Then it is wise to research the fruit. For example, look at the season and which months are best to start sowing. Melon seeds, for example, are best sown in the month of April. First let them germinate indoors at room temperature. Plant the melon seeds, then in the garden in a sunny spot. Not only watermelon seeds, but also strawberry seeds can be sown as early as March or April. Also make sure to water the fruit sufficiently and regularly, especially in dry periods. If you would like more information about our seeds and/or other products, we will be happy to advise you.

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