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Bulb, Tuber & Root Vegetables - Buy Vegetable Seeds? - For the Kitchen Garden

Besides cabbage crops and leafy vegetables, tuberous and root crops should not be missing from your vegetable garden. Tuberous and root crops include common vegetables such as radish, parsnip, beetroot and carrot.
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Buying Bulb, Tuber and Root Vegetable Seeds?

What are tuber and root vegetables?

In this category, you will find the very tastiest tuber and root vegetables. Tuberous vegetables are vegetables that grow from a tuber or tuberous root. The tuber itself is edible and often the tastiest part of the plant. Examples of tuberous vegetables are potatoes, parsnips or celeriac. Root crops are vegetables that grow from, you guessed it, a root. Examples of root crops are, of course, carrots and carrots, but also beets or radishes. Both tuberous and root crops are nutritious, rich in nutrients and deliciously versatile. Both vegetables can be boiled, steamed, roasted or even used raw in salads.

root crops

If you want to add some of these delicious crops found in this category to your vegetable garden, there are a few things to keep in mind. Of course, one crop is not the other, and so we always recommend that you follow the more specific instructions found on the packaging of the seeds. After all, each species has its own growing season, growing conditions and harvest time. In any case, choose a suitable spot in the garden for all your crops. Tuber and root crops prefer a spot with full sun or light shade. Root and tuber crops are usually sown in spring or early summer, when the soil is not yet too warm. The harvest time of root crops varies depending on the variety. Some root crops, such as radishes, can be harvested within a month of sowing, while others, such as carrots, take several months to ripen. Root crops that remain in the ground too long can become bitter or tough.

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Vegetables in this category can sometimes be susceptible to fungal diseases and visits from snails. Look for an environmentally friendly pesticide and cut off diseased-looking leaves. Slugs don't like obstacles, so it's smart to cover your vegetable garden soil with scraps and caps. Do you have questions about growing, our range or just want some advice on our vegetable seeds? We are at your service seven days a week. Take a look around our online seed shop and easily order your favourite product(s).

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