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What types of cabbage can be sown in the vegetable garden?

By putting your green fingers to work with our cabbage crop seeds, you are sure to turn your vegetable garden into something really tasty and healthy. Do you love cauliflower, kale or pointed cabbage? Then you've definitely come to the right place in this
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Cabbage varieties - Buying seeds?

Different types of cabbage

Enrich your kitchen garden with the most delicious varieties of cabbage! Cabbage is a general name for plants of the Brassica family, which includes broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale and pointed cabbage. They are all plants that like cool weather. Many cabbage crops are easy to grow, but require specific conditions to thrive. Consult the information on the packaging of your specific seeds to make sure you create the right environment for your plants. After all, there are quite a few cabbage crops!

Sowing cabbage

Growing cabbage crops is a great way to enjoy fresh vegetables, even in the colder months of the year. When to put your cabbage crop seeds in the ground? There is unfortunately no one-sided answer to that, as it depends on the type of cabbage you want to grow. Most cabbage plants can tolerate much lower temperatures than other garden plants. They can often even survive light frosts. For best results, cabbage crops should be grown in full sun, but because of their need for cooler temperatures, vegetables of this family can also do well in a partially shaded garden.

Tip: It is always a good idea to incorporate good compost into the soil before sowing. After all, cabbage crops love a nutritious soil. Cabbages are heavy eaters that can compete with each other for nutrients, especially nitrogen. Planting the same varieties together can also make them more vulnerable to insect attack.

Growing cabbage? Order cabbage crop seeds at

Cabbage crops can sometimes be susceptible to fungal diseases and visits from snails. Look for an environmentally friendly pesticide and cut off diseased-looking leaves. Snails don't like obstacles, so it's smart to cover your vegetable garden soil with scraps and caps. Do you have questions about growing, our range or just want some advice on our vegetable seeds? We are at your service seven days a week. Take a look around our online shop and easily order your favourite product(s).

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