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Weeds in the lawn are a common problem and often arise when the lawn is not optimally maintained through lawn fertilisation. Fortunately, there are several effective weed killers in the form of lawn fertiliser and liquid agents.
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Controlling weeds in lawn

Weeds in the lawn are a common problem that often arise when the lawn is not optimally maintained by fertilising the lawn annually. Fortunately, there are several effective weed control products in the form of lawn fertiliser and liquid agents, which you can find on our webshop.

Lawn weed control

Unfortunately, there are many types of weeds that can occur in lawns. Weeds, what exactly are they? The term weeds can be defined as vegetation that grows in an undesirable place.

Fortunately, Garden Select has many pesticides to help you get rid of weeds! An inexpensive option is to control weeds in the lawn with vinegar. However, we do not recommend fighting it with vinegar, as it has no preventive effect. This is because you kill the current weeds, but you cannot prevent them from coming back. Not very effective, then.

What to use to control weeds in the lawn?

Weed control is better done right the first time. It simply saves you a lot of time, money and irritation. We recommend fighting weeds in the lawn organically. This is good for people, the environment and animals! The best part, of course, is that you burden nature as little as possible. Biological herbicides usually have a fast and effective effect. An example of a biological herbicide is Roundup Onkruidvrij 1 kg This product combats both the leaves and root system of common weeds such as buttercups, daisies, clovers and dandelions. The product causes the weeds to die and not return.

We advise our customers to use organic products as much as possible, but with persistent weeds, you sometimes cannot avoid using pesticides. When stubborn weeds like horsetail, horsetail, blackberries and nettles are prominent in your lawn, you are almost forced to use chemical pesticides like Protect Garden Tri-But Turbo or Genoxone.

We have several top brands of weed control products. We have agents from the well-known brand Roundup, but we also have other leading brands like Luxan, Pokon and ECOStyle in our range.

When and how to control weeds in the lawn?

Check your lawn regularly for weeds to prevent them from taking over. For example, when only a few weeds emerge, you can remove them manually with a weed sticker, for example. Do the weeds rear their heads considerably? Then it is better to control it with a weed killer. To avoid getting weeds in the lawn, it is essential to maintain it properly. This means keeping the pH level up by spreading lawn lime and lawn fertiliser. It is also important to mow the lawn regularly.

Recognising weeds in the lawn

There are weeds in the lawn. But which weeds are they? And how can I control them? Below, the most common weeds are explained in more detail, so you know exactly which exterminator is most targeted for the weed problem. In case you don't know what weeds you're dealing with?

Ground elder often rears its head in shady areas. Seven-leaf, as the name suggests, has seven leaves: three at the top, two at the bottom and two in the middle. One of the most widely used and targeted (biological) exterminators against ground elder is Luxan Genoxone


Horsetail, also known as horsetail, is a nasty type of weed that you can only remove by continuously controlling it. This has everything to do with the weed's deep roots. You can control horsetail quickly and effectively with lava meal.


Hawthorn can cause a major weed problem in the garden. It has underground roots and spreads very quickly if nothing is done about it. Timely intervention is recommended, as it can suffocate shrubs when it takes over in the garden. Haw bindweed is very difficult to control, but not with ECOStyle Ultima against weeds. If you apply this remedy to the leaves of hedge weed, the plant will die after a while. Therefore, if you plan to control hedge weeds, do not remove the leaves beforehand. This is because the Ultima concentrate will work through the leaves to the roots.

Nettles and thistles

Nettles and thistles also appear with some regularity in Dutch gardens. These weeds can be very annoying as they are difficult to remove. Pokon Against Persistent Weeds concentrate is an effective remedy that quickly removes all above-ground weeds, including nettles and thistles.


A weed that almost everyone knows: clover. It can cause a major nuisance once this weed rears its head in the lawn, as it multiplies rapidly. When you have clover in the lawn, you are suffering from nitrogen deficiency. To restore nitrogen levels, we recommend spreading blood meal. Blood meal quickly and effectively replenishes the nitrogen deficiency in the soil.

Buy herbicides at Garden Select

Grass Seed Direct sells everything in the field of outdoor irregularity control. We have agents for controlling moss and weeds in the lawn. We also have all kinds of remedies to control fungi and diseases in the lawn and the plants in your border. Both in the form of liquid pesticides and natural enemies, or nematodes. We have a suitable solution for every ailment in the garden. That is why you order pesticides online at Garden Select!

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