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The Canna is a gorgeous summer bloomer that is perfect for a pot!

The canna is an exotic plant. This summer bloomer is very popular for their decorative foliage and excellent flowers. Our cannas are carefully packed and shipped at low delivery costs!
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  • We deliver throughout Europe
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Canna rhizomes planting instructions

Moist soil

Canna rhizomes prefer consistently moist soil. With this in mind, plants should be moistened throughout the summer when rainfall is less than 2.5cm per week. The soil of pot-grown Canna should also be kept well moist.

Full sun

Cannas perform best in full sun. If they are in shade, you run the risk of them not flowering at all.

Canna care instructions

Plant Canna rhizomes in spring when all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up. Prepare the flowerbed with a garden rake or shovel and loosen the soil to a depth of 30 to 35cm. Then mix in 5 to 10cm of compost. After that, dig a hole 10 to 15cm deep for the rhizome, which should be placed horizontally. Then cover this with soil and press firmly, then water thoroughly.

Apply a 5-10cm layer of mulch around the Canna to retain moisture and control weeds. Tall varieties can be kept upright with a stake. Remove flowers as they wither. In autumn, when frost has killed the foliage, cut Canna plants back to 15cm in height. Canna leaves are covered with a waxy substance, which repels water and prevents mould from taking hold normally.

Enjoy your Canna again next year 

again next yearStore rhizomes in a box after the flowering season

Carefully remove each clump of Canna rhizomes and place them in a plastic box filled with perlite or peat moss. In doing so, keep spacing so that the rhizomes do not touch each other. Keep the box off the floor and store in a dry place between 7 and 12 degrees. Plant the Canna rhizomes again in spring.

Our Canna rhizomes and other bulbs come with detailed planting instructions.

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