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Spraying jobs are no problem with our versatile range of pressure sprayers. Pressure sprayers are the perfect tools for maintaining garden, lawn, paving and more!

Want to water or mist plants and flowers? Spray weeds or moss? Or the green deposits on your terrace? A pressure sprayer is handy for all these gardening jobs. You put water, plant food, pesticide or cleaning product in it.
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Want to buy a pressure sprayer for the garden?

A pressure sprayer is an indispensable garden tool in the garden. They are ideal for plant care, but you also use a pressure sprayer, for example, as a weed sprayer or poison sprayer. Because instead of water, you can fill the pressure sprayer with liquids such as a plant protection product, pesticide or anti-green attack agent. So you can also fight moss or weeds with a pressure sprayer. Or clean your terrace.

With a pressure sprayer, you spray very evenly with a fine mist or jet - you set it yourself. The tank is pressurised by manual pumping. The pressure that a 5-litre pressure sprayer produces after this is up to 5 bar. However, pressure sprayers should not be confused with high-pressure sprayers; a pressure washer produces a pressure of 100 bar or more.

Pressure sprayers at Garden Select

At Garden Select you will find different types of pressure sprayers; you can choose from different brands, such as Gloria or Birchmeier pressure sprayers, and different sizes, such as a capacity of 1 litre or 5 litres - or even more than 10 litres. And also for spare parts for your pressure sprayer, Garden Select is the right place. For example, if you want to control weeds very precisely and avoid spraying on the lawn or a plant, use a spray hood. This allows you to spray accurately and thus keep grass edges green when treating the terrace.

Pressure sprayer 0.5 - 1.5 litres

A one-handed pressure sprayer with a capacity of between 0.5 and 1.5 litres is also known as a plant sprayer, plant nozzle or fine sprayer. You have pressurised and non-pressurised sprayers. A non-pressurised plant sprayer works like a spray bottle. You can adjust the spray position, and thus also spray very finely. If you also want to be able to spray plant leaves from below, Gloria's fine sprayers with 360° spray function come in handy. These even do it upside down! To spray with a pressurised plant sprayer, you first have to pump a few times to pressurise the tank. You then spray at a pressure of up to 3 bar.

Pressure sprayer 5 litres

A pressure sprayer that holds 5 litres is considerably larger than a plant sprayer. It consists of a tank, hose and spray stick. The tank has a shoulder strap so you can hang it on your shoulder. You can put water or pesticides in the pressure sprayer, but it is also used for vinegar. You can adjust the degree of atomisation: from hollow cone - a fine mist - to jet. Gloria also has pressure sprayers that work on batteries and automatically provide constant spray pressure. With such pressure sprayers, you no longer need to pump manually! Planning to spray with oil and acids? Then the conversion kits for the Gloria pressure sprayers type Prima 5 are recommended; the parts make your sprayer more resistant to such liquids. Or go for the Gloria pressure sprayer Prima 5 Plus, which is already fitted with special seals. This Prima 5 Plus also has an extension piece so you don't have to bend down while spraying.

Pressure sprayer 10 litres or more

Besides the 5-litre pressure sprayer, there are even bigger ones: with a capacity of more than 10 litres. As a full tank is naturally a lot heavier, you carry these pressure sprayers on your back. The Gloria or Birchmeier backpack sprayer with a 12-litre capacity has soft, comfortable carrying straps that you easily customise. So you can spray comfortably, longer in a row. The bar rating, due to that large tank, is a bit lower though: around 3 bar.

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