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Give birds a home in your garden or balcony too!

To attract garden birds, you can feed them with various products, such as scatter food, fat balls or special peanut butter. Want to help give garden birds a permanent home? Then we have the nicest nesting boxes for you.
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Ordering bird houses and nest boxes online

Birds are actually getting harder and harder. As the demand for houses and jobs keeps increasing, forests and meadows are being filled with houses or industry. This makes it harder for birds to find a place to nest and makes finding food increasingly difficult.

But we can help the birds! By hanging nesting boxes on the fence, for example, or hanging feed silos in the tree, birds can nest in them or eat from them. This is a great way to help them!

When placing bird houses, make sure you choose a quiet spot. Birds like to nest in quiet places. If you often have to cycle along a certain path, it is better to choose a quieter spot for the bird house. In addition, when a bird has fledged after breeding, it is important to empty and clean the house. As a result, the next bird will find your house a lot more attractive to live in!

Buy bird food to help the birds

Supplementary feeding of birds is a very useful thing to do. They often find their own food in nature. But with afforestation decreasing more and more, and pastures similarly, this is becoming more difficult for birds. A red list has been made, naming certain bird species threatened with extinction.

It is unfortunate that this list is needed! Birds are very important for our environment, and we do not want and cannot do without them in our country. Help them by finding a new nesting place and making finding food easier.

Order everything for birds online

Not only nesting boxes and bird food can be bought at! Also all kinds of solutions to offer bird food to the birds in a fun way. For example, you can put wild bird food in a food silo, and fat balls can be put in a fat ball ring.

In addition, nesting boxes are available in all kinds of colours, sizes and models. You can easily apply a filter in our webshop. Would you like a bird house for a house sparrow, wren or blue tit, for example? You simply apply a filter, and then you can choose a nice house that is suitable for this bird, and that fits nicely in your garden. And besides the fact that some nice birdhouses brighten up your garden immensely, the visit of the birds can also make your day! Enjoy nature!

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