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Fresh exotic fruit from your own garden, who wouldn't want that!

More and more people are discovering exotic seeds. Exotic fruits and vegetables enrich the kitchen. Exotic seeds are suitable for planting in the (vegetable) garden. Our seeds are packaged with care and delivered at low shipping costs.
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Exotic fruit seeds

Of course, not only exotic vegetable seeds are available. Meanwhile, the range of fruit seeds has expanded to include some exotic varieties. The horned melon is an example of an exotic fruit that does well here. Another exotic fruit that is increasingly being grown is the melon pear. By the way, fruits mentioned earlier are not always necessarily considered fruits. Indeed, both in terms of taste and cultivation, they are very similar to vegetables, so it is not entirely clear whether these varieties should really be counted as fruits or vegetables.

When and how to sow exotic seeds?

Most exotic seeds are sown between March and May. This sowing is done indoors to ensure the highest possible temperature. The soil in which the seeds are sown should be kept moist. Preferably also cover it to keep the temperature and humidity right. For the exact sowing period, always consult the back of the packaging.

Germinating tropical seeds

Germinating tropical seeds often requires a little more work and precision. The seeds need an even higher temperature and the difference between day and night temperatures should only be minimal. In addition, seeds are often placed in full sun before germination, both for warmth and light. Some seeds cannot just be put in the ground, but must first be notched or filed, as they are too hard to go up by themselves.

Taking care of exotic plants

Exotic plants need a position in full sun in most cases. In addition, a nutritious soil is a must. Exotics are used to high humidity. Drying out of the soil should be avoided. Many exotic plants need reasonably moist soil, without being wet.

Growing exotic plants in 5 steps

Growing exotic plants is not difficult. However, there are a few things to consider. If the steps below are followed, it is not difficult to enjoy exotic vegetables and fruits:

Sow the seeds indoors under glass (March - May)
Prick out the plants if necessary (varies per plant)
Plant outdoors from mid-May onwards
Most exotics require a sunny location
Water the plants sufficiently
Tips and tricks
- Exotic seeds differ from tropical seeds
- More and more people are using exotic fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, grown from their own gardens
- The flavours of exotic fruits and vegetables are different: hot, bitter, combination of various tastes
Ordering exotic seeds

Ordering exotic seeds is very easy at Garden Select. Choose your desired garden seeds and place them in the shopping cart. Your order will be sent within 2 days and delivered as regular mail. So you do not have to stay at home especially for it and you do not have to collect the parcel from the post office.

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