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Buying Barenbrug Grass Seed?

Barenbrug, also known as 'Royal Barenbrug', is a world-renowned brand in grass seeds. A bag of Barenbrug is not only full of grass seed, but also full of benefits. Barenbrug is the absolute market leader and a global leader in grass seed for various purposes such as livestock, sports & recreation and horse husbandry.

Origin of Barenbrug

Joseph Barenbrug, the founder of the brand with the 'Royal' title by now, saw a world of possibilities in grass. He started developing different varieties of grass for different purposes. Joseph enjoyed the challenge of helping people with different issues. Whether it was attractive grass for parks, tasty grass with high nutritional values for livestock, or extremely strong grass for sports fields: Joseph Barenbrug rose to the challenge.

Where Joseph started some 115 years ago, Frank and Bastiaan (the fourth generation) continue this mission to this day. It is therefore no wonder that the family business is the world leader in grass seed development. Precisely because of their enormous prestige in the market, years of experience and their sustainable business practices, Barenbrug was awarded the Royal Decoration in 2004.

Popular Barenbrug products

Barenbrug has a solution for every kind of lawn. Barenbrug's grass seed is used in Olympic stadiums and in the Kuip, Feyenoord's stadium, among others. This obviously says something about the quality the prestigious brand has to offer! Barenbrug has looked into several possible applications for grass, which can be read below.

Play and sports grass

Besides grass varieties for your lawn, there are also grass seeds for Sport & Recreation. Especially for the larger lawns that are intensively walked on, there are sports grass seeds. The sports grasses feature the strongest grass varieties that result in a strong and dense sod. A great example of the ideal sports grass, is the Barenbrug Power RpR (also known as the 'Barenbrug Play & Sport'). This is because RPR is extremely suitable for re-seeding or overseeding play and sports lawns. RPR is a special technology that causes the grass to form offshoots, making it much stronger than standard grass seed. The grass forms a dense sod and is highly resistant to regular treading. Does your lawn still develop a bare patch? No worries, Bar Power RPR has an incredibly strong self-healing ability. This way, you can enjoy your sport without worrying about the grass!

Playgrass is mainly for playing, but also for living. Playgrass seed produces a beautiful, dark-green turf with a high treading-tolerance. You prefer to play and live without worries, and buying the right playgrass can certainly help.

Shade grass

At Barenbrug, they are at home in all markets: do you have a lawn that is in the shade for the longest part of the day? No problem, Barenbrug has developed its specifically formulated shade grasses for this. One of the best-selling blends is the Barenbrug shade & sun. Available in various packaging units.

Ornamental grass

The name says it all: ornamental grass seed contains various grass varieties that provide a perfect-looking turf and a luxurious, stylish look! Barenbrug has specially developed a mixture for the user who has high demands on the ornamental value of the lawn with their Barenbrug - Bar Elegance variety. Ornamental grass at its best!

Repair grass

Are you planning to re-seed the entire lawn? Or just a few bare spots? With Barenbrug, sowing grass is not a difficult job. It is best done with a good recovery grass seed mixture. With an overseeding and recovery grass, you not only restore your grass, but also the pleasure you can experience from your lawn. Take for example Barenbrug - Rapide, a mixture that will restore a beautiful turf with dense sod in no time! Repair grass from Barenbrug contains a high percentage of English ryegrass. This ensures rapid emergence and recovery of your lawn. The recovery grass seed has a special S.O.S. (Super Over Seeding) technology so you can sow very early in spring at low temperatures from 6 degrees. With a recovery lawn from Barenbrug, you are guaranteed a green, carefree summer!

Public green spaces

Barenbrug seed can be used for various purposes in public green spaces. For example, if you are looking for the ideal camping grass, the Barenbrug - Lawngrass Campark Play Lawn will be a good match. Looking for beautiful grass for roadside verges? Then take a look at the Barenbrug - Roadside / Roadside Mixture For dykes, Barenbrug has a special dike mixture, namely the Barenbrug - Dike Mixture. In short, Barenbrug has a special grass seed mixture for many different recreational purposes!

Animal pasture

Barenbrug also offers varieties of grass seed for tasty grass and good soil protection. Due to the different grass varieties, the varieties of Barenbrug seeds are suitable for different soil types under severe conditions. For horse pasture and animal husbandry (including the Barenbrug Superplus Pasture).

Advantages of Barenbrug

We would like to list all the benefits for you once again!

1. Quality: Barenbrug grass seeds are of excellent quality. They are carefully selected and tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards for germination, density and durability.

2. Suitable for different conditions: Barenbrug has developed grass seeds suitable for different conditions. Whether you need grass seed for a shady or sunny spot, for a play and sports field or for restoring your lawn, Barenbrug has the right grass seed for you!

3. Buying Barenbrug grass seed is easy: Barenbrug grass seeds are easily available at Garden Select! Order Barenbrug easily, safely and quickly via our webshop.

4. Rapid growth: Barenbrug grass seeds ensure rapid growth of your lawn. As a result, you can quickly enjoy a beautiful green lawn.

5. Durability: Barenbrug grass seeds are durable and resistant to different weather conditions. This will keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy even under difficult conditions.

Buy Barenbrug products at Garden Select

Of course, we have Barenbrug grass seeds for sale! Should you not yet know exactly which variety of Barenbrug lawn seed is best suited to your purpose, we will be happy to help you. Feel free to contact our specialists!

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