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Ground drills come in different sizes and are suitable for all soil conditions!

Want to drill soil holes in your garden, border or lawn? Then a soil auger is an essential tool. With a professional auger, you can easily make deep round holes in the ground to plant fences and shrubs in your garden. An auger penetrates quickly and easil
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Buying Soil Drills and Augers?

Auger in various designs

If you regularly carry out jobs in the garden, buying an auger is a worthwhile investment. This garden tool is indispensable when making deep soil holes for installing a garden fence, wooden fence, shrubs or trees. Furthermore, an auger can be used to dig trenches to drain water standing in the garden.

Augers are made of hardened steel and galvanised steel. Most augers are fitted with non-slip rubber to ensure you have the best possible grip. A strong petrol auger has powerful power and is mostly used in horticulture, landscaping and forestry. A petrol-powered auger has the advantage of making large holes faster in a shorter time. Discover at Garden Select the following different soil drills in various sizes:

- Auger with an extension: to extend the auger.

- Petrol auger: ideal for intensive drilling work in the garden.

Considerations when buying an auger

Need an auger for your garden project, and want to know what size auger you need? Augers are available in a variety of diameters. Depending on the application, choose the right size soil auger or post auger. A 10 cm auger is ideally suited for placing 12 x 12 cm wooden posts in the ground, or planting small trees, hedges and shrubs in your garden.

Another important thing to consider is the power of the drill. Remember: the higher the power rating, the more powerful the drill is. Since you often have to drill through firm, stiff earth, a drill with more power is essential. So consider in advance which drilling job you want to use the machine for. It is crucial that the drill is strong enough and made of high-quality material. Make sure the drill does not deform in the ground and that you can still remove it from the earth.

In addition to the quality of the material, the user-friendliness of the machine is a consideration. Choose a machine that is not too heavy so that you can place the auger stably and perpendicularly in the ground. As augers produce a loud noise, it is wise to check the maximum noise level of the machine. During the job, make sure you have good hearing protection and make sure that the soil is not too hard.

Buy soil auger at Garden Select

Already convinced and keen to buy a soil drill for your garden project? Discover the desired type of auger at Garden Select to easily drill through clay and sandy soil. Garden Select has been the supplier and specialist in tools, machines and accessories for many years. With us, you will only find high-quality tools and machines.

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