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Fruit trees

What is an easy fruit tree?

Even smaller than a low stem, are the so-called mini fruit trees, dwarf fruit trees, or columnar fruit trees. Not only do they already branch from very low, but they also stay very narrow. Ideal for when you have really limited space, or for in a pot or container. Columnar fruit trees are also called Ballerina fruit trees.

What is the best time to plant fruit trees?

Our fruit trees can be planted all year round, provided the soil is not frozen. You can order fruit trees from February until they are sold out.

How much space does a fruit tree need?

Planting distance. Fruit tree spacing is the same as the approximate size of your fruit tree. If you choose patio fruit trees keep 1 to 1.5 metres spacing, Low-stem fruit trees 2.5 to 4 metres, for half-stem fruit trees keep 5 metres spacing, and so on ...

Which fruit trees pollinate each other?

Our fruit trees are self-pollinators, so you can easily plant them separately, very nice for a smaller garden, but also if you want to plant our fruit trees in a pot for terrace or balcony.

What is good fertiliser for fruit trees?

In the absence of farmyard manure, you can also use chicken manure or cow manure pellets. A few kilograms per tree is sufficient. Sprinkle these pellets around February. Cut grass under the fruit tree is no problem but watch out for mice.

Why put lime on fruit trees?

Pickling protects the tree trunk from frost cracks and sunburn. In winter, the bark of the tree can be damaged by cracks in the bark. A white trunk reflects sunlight better, limiting heating of the trunk.

How often do you fertilise fruit trees?

A common fertilisation schedule used by many apple growers is to add 0.5-2 kg NPK 12-12-12 or 11-15-15 once a year per young tree, and 3-5 kg NPK 12-12-12 or 11-15-15 per mature tree. Keep in mind that 1 tonne = 1,000 kg and 1 hectare = 10,000 square metres.

Which month to prune fruit trees?

Fruit tree pruning. From January to March, fruit trees such as apple and pear trees can be pruned. Preferably prune in dry weather, and not when it is freezing. A somewhat older fruit tree only needs to be lightly pruned; this is maintenance pruning.


How do you maintain fruit trees?

Do not prune fruit trees during flowering and or just after flowering otherwise the tree will bear bad fruit. So April, May and June do not prune. The winter months are best for pruning because the tree is bare and it is easier to assess the tree. Winter pruning is best around February, just before the sap flow gets going.

How should you prune fruit trees?

How to prune fruit trees

Cut away old branches and branches that give little fruit with pruning shears or loppers. Always remove branches about ten centimetres from the trunk. If a branch splits into two branches (yellowing), remove one of the two branches.

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