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By applying the right pesticides, you can rid your garden of unruliness like moss, weeds, fungi and diseases. Garden Select has a suitable pesticide for every ailment!

Everyone faces the emergence of moss and weeds in the lawn from time to time. Grass Seed Direct has a wide range of moss and weed control products.
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Moss and weed control

As avid gardeners, we all love a neat and tidy garden that is free of weeds and moss. Through proper maintenance, you can prevent these pesky garden ailments. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. So everyone has to deal with the emergence of moss and weeds in the lawn and or paving from time to time. You can always choose to remove moss and weeds. We have a wide range of moss and weed control products, which offer an effective and quick solution to your garden problem.

What is moss?

Moss is nothing but a collection/accumulation of small spore plants growing close together. Moss likes to grow in moist, shady places. This is why we often come across moss during forest walks. They thrive in shady areas and on acidic soils. Mosses can be functional. For instance, they protect the soil from soil erosion. Moss also has the ability to retain moisture and humus well in the soil. In many cases, when moss grows among the grass, it is not an attractive sight. Moreover, moss can start to crowd out the grass in the long run, resulting in you having a field of moss instead of a lawn.

What are weeds?

Weeds include all (wild) plants that grow in unwanted places. There is actually no objective definition for the term 'weed'. One gardener associates a particular plant with weeds, while another gardener views the same plant as an ornamental plant. Finally, what is or is not a weed also depends heavily on the planting present in your garden.

Is moss a weed?

By definition, moss is not a weed, despite the fact that it is often associated with one. Whereas rampant weeds can disrupt the growth of your ornamental plants, mosses actually perform useful functions. Moss is therefore not necessarily bad for your garden. What moss and weeds do have in common is that both (unwanted) plants often rear their heads due to a lack of maintenance. Moss grows excellently on acidic soils. This is why it is important to spread lawn lime every year to maintain the acidity of the soil. If this does not happen, the soil will become more acidic every year, to the point that grass can no longer grow well and moss will have a chance to take over your lawn. Weeds also arise from poor garden maintenance. As a result of a deficiency in fertilisers, for example. Or as a result of a lawn cut too short.

How to control moss and weeds?

Moss can be controlled in several ways. It is important to know why moss is growing in your lawn. It is usually the result of soil that is too acidic. The ideal soil acidity is somewhere between 6.0 - 7.0. You can conduct a soil test to find out the status of the soil. Most likely, this will tell you that you need to spread lime. Want to tackle moss straight away? Then use ferrous sulphate. After spreading this product, moss will turn brown within a few weeks, after which you can easily remove it from the lawn. Iron sulphate even plays an important role in photosynthesis. It ensures, for instance, that plants absorb sunlight well, increasing resistance and preventing moss from reappearing (again).

There are many different weed plants. Common weeds in the lawn that are best controlled are dandelions, clovers, buttercups and thistles. Between paving, these are mainly grasses. While you can easily remove some weeds manually, other more stubborn weeds need a stricter approach. How best to control weeds therefore depends entirely on the species. It is important to recognise the weeds before you start removing them. Some weeds, like dandelions for example, are unmistakable. Other weeds are more difficult to distinguish.

Moss and weed control products

The choice is vast! To control a wide range of weeds, we offer both liquid herbicides and herbicides in granular form, for example Lawn Weed-Free from Roundup or Moss & Weed Road from Pokon. The liquid pesticides can be applied to the lawn or paved areas using a pressure sprayer. We have both ready-to-use weed sprays and concentrate packs that still need to be diluted with water. The latter are ideally suited for treating large areas. The same range also applies to moss control. In addition to lime and iron sulphate, we also sell lawn fertiliser containing a moss killer, namely DCM Gazon Pur.

Buy moss and weed control products at Garden Select

We carry a wide range of moss and weed control products. For every type of weed, be it annual or perennial, we have a suitable remedy. We also have the necessary products that will conquer mosses. For the control of your garden problem, Garden Select is the place to be. Work responsibly in the garden with our CTGB-approved pesticides.

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