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Give the lawn and your plants the right nutrients for better growth and colour!

Whether the plants, flowers or lawn in your garden thrive has to do with many factors. But a key one is the soil. With lime and fertiliser, you create a healthy nutrient soil in which your plants and lawn grow well.
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Buy Lime and fertiliser?

Lime and fertiliser. They complement each other optimally. Because while fertilisers ensure healthy soil life and strong, resilient plants, lime makes the soil less acidic. In such soil, fertiliser can be absorbed better. You do not spread them all at once, but leave about four weeks between lime and fertiliser.

Lime is used for your lawn, ornamental garden and vegetable garden. Some types have magnesium added for greening.

Buying fertiliser for your garden

You can buy different kinds of fertiliser for your garden. Manure consists of elements. For example: N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium), Ca (calcium), and Mg (magnesium). The composition can change. And so each fertiliser has a different effect and therefore a different purpose. So there is special fertiliser for your lawn, vegetable garden and ornamental garden. And also for the plants in your home, there is special food: houseplant food.

Are you focusing on your grass? Lawn fertiliser is fertiliser for your grass in the form of pellets. It is easy to spread. For your vegetable garden, there is vegetable garden fertiliser. It provides your vegetable plants with targeted nutrition and you will benefit from a rich harvest. It is different again with plants in your ornamental garden. These perennials sometimes require different nutrients, which you provide with ornamental garden fertiliser. Brands such as ECOstyle, Pokon and DCM have fertilisers for roses, hydrangeas, hedges and olive trees, among others.

Supplement deficiencies in the soil

If your soil is too acidic, then lime will solve that problem. But the soil can also have other problems. Like a shortage of magnesium, nitrogen or phosphate. At Garden Select, you can therefore also buy fertiliser to supplement such specific deficiencies. Such as magnesium with which you supplement a magnesium deficiency or blood meal with which you supplement a nitrogen deficiency. Blood meal ensures a deep green colour, restores yellowing and helps prevent clover in a lawn. If the soil is deficient in phosphate, use bone meal. This phosphate fertiliser stimulates root formation, flowering and plant maturation.

If you don't have a specific deficiency you want to replenish, take a look at the fertilisers from Garden Select We have organic fertilisers for the lawn and kitchen garden, as well as universal garden fertiliser that is widely applicable.

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