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Muscari (Blue Grapes) Are early bloomers and very suitable for propagation.

Who doesn't love the popular Muscari (blue grapes)? These spring bulbs have bright blue flowers that look like a cross between a bunch of grapes and a small hyacinth. Give them a spot in your garden.
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The blue grape: your garden's trump card

Spring gardens look just that little bit cozier when the deep blue Muscari has its place. The cute 'bunches of grapes' have a talent for forming beautiful combinations with any other plant. With their compact growth, a suitable spot can be found in any garden. Muscari bloom in mid-spring, at the same time as daffodils and tulips. Once planted, the bulbs multiply easily and flower again year after year. To do this, leave the bulb nicely in place, giving the foliage (the stem and leaves) time to die off. Remove stems and leaves as soon as they have dried out. This way, the bulb can put all its energy into making a flowering comeback.

Tip: The bigger the bulb, the more food it stores. A bigger bulb will give you a stronger plant with more flowers.

The different types of Muscari

As you can see above, there are more and more varieties of the blue grape available. By planting different varieties, you can extend the Muscari season and create an interesting mix of colours and textures. The most commonly planted species is the royal blue Muscari armeniacum. Other species to consider include Muscari latifolium and Muscari aucheri. Plant your Muscari bulbs in full sun or semi-shade.

Blue grapes: easy to combine

Planting bulbs at the front of flower beds and borders is ideal. They combine beautifully with tulips and other spring flowers, and their length means they won't get in anyone's way. Muscari also grow well in flower pots and planters, either alone or mixed with crocuses and hyacinths. Blue grape flower bulbs should be planted in mid- to late autumn, anytime after the first night frost and before the ground freezes. Autumn and winter rain usually provide sufficient moisture for bulbs. Water only if the weather is very dry.

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Bulb fields full of bright blue Muscari... Don't you spontaneously fall in love with that? Go for a mini grape field in your own garden! Plant the bulbs with the roots down and the tip upwards. Follow the rule of thumb when planting bulbs and give the bulbs at least 2 times the height of the soil above them. For more information about our flower bulbs, please refer to the instructions on the packaging. There it says for each Muscari variety exactly how and when to plant them, and at what time you can expect their beautiful flowers.

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