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Buy nematodes to control mourning flies, beetles, caterpillars and other pesky insects? Garden Select has it all! Order online advantageously.

Fighting nematodes that target your lawn or vegetable garden can be relatively easy. You can choose between various nematode control products.
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Buy nematode pesticide?

Why control nematodes?

Nematodes are often used as a natural pesticide against crop-eating insects and parasites. Unfortunately, there are also all kinds of nematodes that cause a lot of damage to crops, making nematode control sometimes unavoidable. Gardeners and farmers spend a lot of money every year on pesticides against the tiny worms that live in the soil. The number of nematodes per square metre can be as high as 20 million. Many types of nematodes live on and off the roots of crops such as vegetables. With their presence, they weaken plants, making them more susceptible to disease.

Which nematodes to control?

For some harmful nematodes, you can get the best pesticides from us. Buy Pireco Soil Nematode Granules and eradicate the root knot nematode or for the lawn ecostyle 'Fight effectively with nematodes' This is one of the most harmful nematodes that cause root rot and root knots to lawn, tomato plants, lettuce, cucumber plants, peppers and aubergines, among others.

Prevent potato fatigue by controlling nematodes

Another harmful nematode species is the potato cyst nematode. It affects the roots of potato plants, aubergines and tomato plants. In potatoes, potato fatigue occurs after infestation. The nematodes bore their way through the roots and absorb nutrients from the potato plant. The growth of the plant stagnates, preventing the potatoes from growing further.

Often, the plants die over time. With our Pireco Soil Nematodes (in liquid or granular form), you can control and eradicate the potato nematode and other nematodes.

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