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Seed potatoes for delicious fresh potatoes from your own kitchen garden.

Discover high-quality seed potatoes at Choose from various varieties for a successful potato crop. Early, mid-early or late varieties available. Order now and start your own potato harvest!
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Seed potatoes come in different varieties. There are early, mid-early and late varieties. Early potatoes have a short growing period and are harvested before they are fully ripe. They do not store as long. Medium-early potatoes are harvested more ripe and can be stored until winter. Late potatoes have a longer growing period and can be stored throughout the winter. There are also firm-boiling or floury varieties. Firm potatoes have a fine texture and keep their shape perfectly after cooking. They are the potatoes of choice to serve boiled or baked. Floury potatoes fall apart when boiled and are suitable for almost all uses.


Required quantity of seed potatoes per 100 m2:
Size 25 / 28 - 8 kg
Size 28 / 35 - 10 kg
Size 28 / 40 - 12 kg


The seed potatoes will be delivered after mid-February. Depending on availability, this will take until about mid-May.

Organic seed potatoes are: Vitabella
Early seed potatoes are: Frieslander, Eersteling, Lucera
Mid-early seed potatoes are: Bernice, Vincenta


How to use

Once received, store the seed potatoes in boxes in a cool, not dark, frost-free place.
If you want to harvest earlier than usual you can pre-germinate the seed potatoes, this is usually done with early varieties. One will get short, firm sprouts by doing this.
The best remedy against potato fatigue is to apply a crop rotation, growing on the same soil no more than once every four years. Potatoes like heavy fertilisation and an extra gift of potash.
The best time to plant is mid-April. Make sure the soil is well loosened and plant the potato at a depth of about 6 to 8 cm.
You can start harvesting when the top leaves start dying off. Early varieties are harvested in June-July. The later varieties are harvested in August-September.
After harvesting, dehydrate the potatoes in the field, this will give them flavour. Then store cool and frost-free indoors. The optimum storage temperature is 4 degrees.

Tip: To prevent sprouting, store some onions between the potatoes. Onions secrete a gas, which reduces sprouting.

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