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Fresh onions and garlic from your garden for the most delicious dishes!

Garlic and winter onions are available as early as September. Onion sets, shallots and garlic for planting out in spring are available from December until well into April. Our products are carefully packed and delivered at low shipping costs.
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Where can I buy onion sets, shallot sets and garlic sets?

You can easily order onion sets, shallot sets and garlic sets online at garden-select.nl. Some crops take longer to harvest in the vegetable garden than others. 3 important types of these are garlic, shallots and onions. You can sow onions, but it takes 2 years before you have a real, full-sized onion. To be able to harvest onions within a year, you can order onion sets and plant them. That way you will have full-fledged onions in 1 year. You can also do this with garlic, where garlic is actually not really seedable. And so you can plant it, called planting garlic and planting onions.

Why plant onions?

We at garden-select.nl sometimes get asked why you can't just sow onions from seed, instead of planting onion sets. However, onion sets give you a real onion for harvest in just one year. In addition, the chance of diseases, bad weather or pests is much lower, as the growing time is also shorter. Our range consists of red onions, yellow onions and various mixes. You can also plant shallots, with the onion sets giving a rich harvest within a year. So we plant onion sets and shallots to ensure a quick harvest.

Planting onions and garlic in spring or autumn?

You can plant onions and garlic in both spring and autumn. The difference is not that big, just that the planting you plant in autumn is quicker to harvest. There is also less chance of onion fly when planting in autumn. A disadvantage of planting in autumn is that you still have some plants in the garden in winter. Some people don't like this and want the vegetable garden to be empty in winter. They prefer to plant the onions and garlic in spring. That's also possible, as the choice is then a bit wider, in terms of varieties. You can only plant shallots in spring.


Plant from March to May in rows at 25 cm planting distance. In the row at 10 cm. Spacing. After harvesting, let the onion sets dry in the garden for some time.

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