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Gladioli are popular flowers that make for a stunning bouquet in a vase!

Gladioli are one of the most beautiful summer-flowering tuberous plants. Many different colours are available, and even gladioli with bicoloured flowers. There are also low gladioli that are very suitable for in pots on terrace or balcony. The gladiolus b
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Gladioli Planting & Care - instructions

Gladioli specification

Height: 90cm
Spacing: 8cm
Planting time: April-June
Flowering time: May-August

Gladiolus bulbs planting instructions

Well-drained soil

Gladioli bulbs prefer fertile, well-drained soil. They do not like having to compete with the roots of trees and shrubs. Planting gladioli is best done by adding complete-plant food to the soil. A little fertiliser will help stimulate growth, especially if the soil is poor.

Do not use coarse manure

Do not use raw manure as it can spread infections if it has contact with the gladiolus bulbs. Once the plant grows, added mulch can help retain moisture and keep weeds under control.

Full sun

Although they prefer full sun, Gladioli should still be able to grow successfully in partial shade. Gladioli planted in full sun generally grow straighter, and are less likely to need a stake for support.

Gladioli Care

Once planted, the Gladiolus does not need much attention. Gladioli will grow about 90 to 120cm, but are not sturdy plants. The heavily flowered stems will often bend and break and should therefore be protected from the wind. Tie up the stems to prevent damage.
Eliminate weeds early in the season, and watch out for the Gladiolus thrip - a small, black, winged insect (thrips on bulbs should be controlled prior to planting).Start watering your Gladioli when there are about five leaves on the plants. Rain rarely provides enough moisture for gladiolus, so make sure the flowerbed is watered about 3cm a week.

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