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Peonies come in many colours and are often used as cut flowers.

The peony is a hardy plant and comes in a variety of colours. If you are looking for a nice spot in the garden, a sunny spot is ideal for the peony. Our plants come directly from the grower and are carefully packed and delivered at low shipping costs.
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Peony planting instructions

Keep flowers dry

Peonies need well-drained soil. If water remains ??on the crown or around the roots, they will rot, which will harm or kill the plant.

Drain and fertilise the soil

Peonies are good eaters and prefer heavy, fertile soils. However, drainage should be as good as possible. The peony will definitely benefit from the addition of organic matter and compost in the planting hole.

Fertilise the planting hole

The planting hole should be at least 45cm deep and about 45cm wide. Add to the bottom of the planting hole a layer of 10cm of organic material such as compost, pine bark, or composted manure. Mix half a cup of good plant food, bone meal or super phosphate through this (avoid adding fertiliser to the soil in direct contact with the peony roots).
Plant the rhizome facing upwards no deeper than 5cm and water thoroughly.
Half-fill the hole with a mix of garden soil and compost and nestle the rhizome into it with the eyes upwards. Spread the roots evenly outwards and then water thoroughly. Make sure the eyes do not end up sticking deeper into the soil than 5cm, otherwise the Peony may not flower. When the rhizome or plant is well in place, fill the space around the root and then the whole hole and finally water again.

Full sun

Plant your Peonies in a sunny location.

Maintaining your Peonies

Be cautious when cutting young Peonies and avoid cutting leaves

If the plant is doing well and the soil is basically fertile, your Peony does not need regular fertilisation.
Although Peonies are irresistible as cut flowers, don't get carried away! Especially with young Peonies, restraint is crucial. . When cutting Peonies, it is almost impossible to avoid cutting the leaves. However, these leaves are crucial for the plant, so be sparing and cut off some flowers from each plant and leave as many leaves as possible.

Mulch in early spring

Applying mulch around your Peonies helps hanhaven a constant moisture level in the soil. This is especially important in early spring, when Peony flower buds are growing.
At the end of each growing season, leaves should be removed from the bed where the Peony is growing.

Our Peony rootstocks, like all our other products, come with detailed planting instructions.

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