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Barenbrug Mow Saver 15 Kg. - Ideal For Robotic Mowers - Low Lasting Grass - Less Mowing
Mow Saver 15 Kg. - Ideal For Robotic Mowers - Low Lasting Grass - Less Mowing €149,95 €159,95

Barenbrug Mow Saver 15 Kg. - Ideal For Robotic Mowers - Low Lasting Grass - Less Mowing

€159,95 €149,95
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Barenbrug Mow Saver - 15kg Buy?

Barenbrug is at the forefront when it comes to sustainable grasses. This is also how Mow Saver came into being! Mow Saver was developed with the intention of developing a turf that requires much less maintenance and is therefore better for the environment. Consequently, this mixture guarantees as much as 35% less frequent mowing, while maintaining fast establishment. Mowing less often has the great advantage of also creating less mowing waste.

Less mowing?

Where there is grass there is grass mowing. Be it a park, parkland, roadside or sports field. The green turf is the face of any landscape. But normally there is a lot of effort behind it. This effort can be greatly reduced with Mow Saver. Ideal for public green spaces or private lawns. With Mow Saver, Barenbrug lets no grass grow under its feet: mowing less is the future for a sustainable lawn!


Mowing less seems like something that would only be possible in a futuristic utopia. But nothing could be further from the truth, because the future is already here! Mow Saver is a low-growing grass with fast establishment. low-growing means it grows slowly after it has established itself. That automatically means it needs less mowing. This is because it simply grows less biomass, reducing mowing by as much as 35%.


Less mowing has both economic and environmental benefits. It saves time, cost and effort. This in turn reduces waste disposal and fuel burning. So a huge benefit for the environment. Mow Saver is a low grower both during and outside the growing season. Measurements on Barenbrug's trial fields show that Mow Saver grass is 30% shorter than the standard 14 days after mowing. During a growing season, standard mixtures often require you to mow 20 times, and sometimes even more often. With Mow Saver, that saves at least 6 mowings during the growing season.

Fast-establishing grass

Mow Saver is not only low-growing, it also has fast establishment. So slow-growing does not come at the expense of establishment speed. Other slow-growing grasses often also have slow establishment, but Mow Saver does not. Mow Saver kicks in the gas after seeding and takes back the gas after it has established itself. This gives you a dense green turf that is pleasing to the eye in no time. In addition, it ensures that weeds have no chance. It also eliminates the need for herbicides, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Robotic mower suitable grass

Robotic mowers have the advantage that when continuously mowing the lawn, minute grass stops are also constantly cut and mulched. Peak productions of grass clippings and disposal are therefore a thing of the past.

LMT - Less Mowing Technology

Barenbrug worked and tested for years before arriving at the perfect composition for Mow Saver. For this, years of work were spent developing LMT grass varieties. LMT stands for Less Mowing Technology. The varieties awarded the LMT label are characterised by a low growth pattern and a beautiful turf. At the same time, these varieties are super strong and able to absorb moisture and minerals from the soil even in less optimal conditions.

LMT varieties (Less Mowing Technology) 100%

Seed amount 2.5-3kg/100m²
Cutting height from 15 mm

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